Advisory Services

Advisory Services

    Advisory Services professionals are progressive thinkers who create, protect and transform value today so our clients have the opportunity to thrive tomorrow. While business goals and strategies evolve, our services support you wherever you are in your business cycle — whether you’re looking at a transaction to propel you forward, focusing on developing and implementing the right controls to mitigate risk, or advancing your company’s finance and technology infrastructure to match your aspirations.


    We are changing the value game for clients. Our mission is to help you create value for your organization, protect its value against unnecessary business risks and transform your business value through operations and technology investment. To have maximum impact on your business at any stage, Advisory Services delivers the following value to you from four key interconnected business areas:


    Organizations are starting to work differently — they are facing disruptive technologies, global competition, emerging business models, changing customer and employee expectations, and evolving regulation. By remaining agile and adapting to these changes faster than their competitors, organizations can achieve competitive differentiation and transform challenges into opportunities to excel.


    Our Business Consulting services help clients fine-tune their organizations for optimal performance, achieve business objectives and transform value to become agile, forward-thinking organizations that are ready for whatever the future may bring.


    Clients can rely on us to help them through their critical business issues and position them to thrive in an evolving marketplace. Our core solutions are customized to our client’s specific industry, needs and scale:


    Financial management

    Steeped in Grant Thornton’s legacy of finance function experience, our financial management consultants work with financial executives who want to add value, save time, save money and leverage shared services. Through tailored solutions, we help keep your finance function moving forward to evolve from traditional transaction and reporting to more efficient, analytical and data-driven processes so it can provide timelier insights to decision-makers to drive strategy and meet business objectives. Learn more.


    Operations transformation

    With deep industry experience and extensive knowledge of organizational functions and priorities, our management consultants will help you align your organization’s people, processes and technology, across functions, to reduce cost and increase revenue—from strategy to execution. Our management consultants work with you to transform the customer experience, accelerate business performance, win the talent war and optimize your supply chain—all while helping you embrace change and new ways of working. Learn more.


    Digital transformation & management

    Bringing deep IT, digital, data strategy and project management experience and extensive knowledge of markets and customers, our digital transformation & management consultants help you leverage legacy and emerging technologies to develop new technology-enabled approaches, models and roadmaps that support corporate decision-making, drive innovation and enable sustainable competitive advantage in your market. Learn more.


    Business applications

    Our business application consultants help our clients solve complex business issues through implementing technology. From strategy, through design, implementation, managed services, and upgrades, our extensive experience helps you identify the right enterprise-wide solutions to gain visibility into your operations and derive actionable information that helps you achieve your organization’s objectives.


    Business risk services

    Identify, manage and mitigate risk through controls, regulatory compliance, forensics, cyber and attest services.  


    Transaction services

    Open new horizons for competitive advantages and business profitability through diligence, corporate value consulting, strategic solutions and M&A tax consulting services.


    (CACTUS) Client Dispute Resolution Policy (V2) 

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