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Tax reform: Catalyst for innovation

The Tax Cuts and Jobs Act serves as a true catalyst for business growth and changes in business strategy. Watch our video series to learn how your organization can grow and thrive.


Turn today’s tax challenges into tomorrow’s successes

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Tax reform’s international, supply chain focus

Multinational businesses are evaluating tax reform through the lens of their competition. They are acknowledging the value in partnering with the tax function in myriad aspects of company strategy, including tax and supply chain.


Many CEOs and CFOs are nervous. They know their competitors are taking advantage of export incentives, immediate expensing and other provisions. It’s time now to become proactive.


These are strategic decisions that can’t be discussed in concept. They take an aligned focus of all team members, with eyes on strategies and how they fit with overall tax reform. They also require detailed, dynamic modeling to understand how each provision could impact your company.


Modeling will expose opportunities and challenges. For the supply chain, teams must come together to optimize delivery, sourcing, manufacturing and merchandising by digitizing and automating the entire process.

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