Recession preparedness survey report

Grant Thornton surveyed more than 250 C-suite executives about when they expect a recession, how they are preparing, and how they will respond once it arrives. Learn how your peers are planning for what’s next.


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What’s in the report

When do companies expect a recession?

What recession triggers are they watching?

How are they planning for a downturn?

Where will they invest during a recession?

What are their recession workforce strategies?

What are the biggest risks?


Webcast: Staying on offense through a recession

Review Grant Thornton’s recession preparedness survey results, learn how to plan now to best prepare for, build through and emerge stronger from the next recession, and explore our recession health check exercise to determine your recession readiness.


In the decade since the last recession, companies’ recession muscle memories have atrophied. They will have to relearn some hard lessons, but they don’t intend to just retrench and try to ride it out.

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