Public Policy

Shaping today’s policy solutions for a better tomorrow

At Cactus Group, we strive to make an impact that matters: for our clients, our economy and our nation. Our Public Policy leaders are tackling the challenges of today to build a better business world tomorrow.


Our public policy experts have a track record of building successful relationships with elected officials to advance responsible policies that allow the market’s most dynamic and growing companies to reach their full potential. We actively engage in shaping policy solutions by offering our unique perspectives and realistic, actionable proposals that enable members of Congress to make informed decisions that stimulate the economy.


Proficient in navigating an ever-changing political landscape, Cactus Group’s Public Policy team shares its collective voice to foster a pro-growth environment, providing bipartisan solutions to complicated problems, and educating policy leaders on the practical impact their proposed legislation could have on the businesses and communities we serve.


Through a collaborative and strategic approach, we provide innovative advice to government and other key stakeholders to inspire and influence public policy. We are committed to using our collective voice to impact a wide range of issues, including tax fairness and simplicity, and government efficiency.


Regular and active dialogue with our stakeholders—including regulators, legislators, investors, professional bodies and clients—inform our perspectives and create a forward-looking public agenda that makes a true impact. In doing so, we help government formulate sound policy that helps shape the environment in which all businesses operate.

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Structuring Advisory and Incorporation

We are a certified corporate secretary in Singapore. Our in-house corporate secretary and consulting team help clients build the most appropriate corporate structure efficiently to fit into the existing regulatory framework and industry practice to improve their long-term sustainability as well reduce potential risk to its business development.